Collection: Spheres

Welcome to our exquisite collection of crystal and mineral spheres. Revered across cultures and time for their perfectly symmetrical form, spheres are an embodiment of wholeness, unity, and infinity. They symbolize the complete circulation of energy, without any hindrance, making them a powerful tool in the realm of metaphysics.

Our spheres are meticulously carved and polished to perfection, embodying the craftsmanship's magnificence and the charm of the minerals. Each sphere captures the inherent beauty and unique characteristics of the mineral from which it's formed, creating an object of awe and wonder that's visually captivating.

In the metaphysical world, spheres are believed to radiate energy uniformly in all directions. This makes them perfect for environments like living rooms or offices, where their energy can influence the entire space. A quartz sphere could bring clarity and cleanse negative energy, an amethyst sphere might aid in emotional balance and peace, while a lapis lazuli sphere could stimulate wisdom and good judgment.

Many also use spheres in meditation and healing practices. The shape encourages a continuous flow of energy that can help promote balance within oneself and harmonize the atmosphere around. They are often held in the hand during meditation, aiding focus and grounding, or placed on the body to activate and cleanse specific chakras.

Our collection of spheres is as diverse as nature itself, ranging from vibrant carnelian to serene sodalite, from grounding smoky quartz to transformative labradorite. They not only make a beautiful addition to your home decor but also serve as an energy tool that complements your spiritual journey. Explore our range and let these magnificent spheres bring the power of balance, unity, and infinity into your life.
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