Collection: Goldstone

Goldstone, often also referred to as synthetic Aventurine or Aventurine Glass, is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. Its sparkling appearance is owed to tiny copper crystals dispersed within the glass matrix. Despite being man-made, Goldstone has found its place within the realm of crystal healing due to its unique properties.

Metaphysically, Goldstone is known as the 'Stone of Ambition' and 'Warrior Stone.' It's believed to help the wearer attain their goals with persistence and determination, and it's often used as a motivational booster. Its shimmering flecks symbolize the light that can always be found in the darkness, and it serves as a reminder of one's own potential and inherent magic.

Goldstone is associated with vitality and energy. The copper crystals within Goldstone are thought to generate warming and revitalizing energies, promoting a flow of life force energy and encouraging a positive attitude. This is particularly beneficial during times of feeling overwhelmed or when dealing with heavy workloads.

On a personal level, Goldstone is believed to boost one's self-confidence and ambition, driving one to reach for the stars in their pursuit of dreams and goals. Its grounding properties can generate a strong connection to the earth, providing the stability needed to remain balanced during times of change.

In terms of spiritual growth, Goldstone is thought to assist in long-distance healing, revitalizing one's energy field and stimulating the transmission of healing energies from the hands; therefore, it is an excellent stone for channeling.

In summary, Goldstone, with its sparkling universe of starry specks, serves as a metaphorical reminder of light in the darkness, symbolizing hope, ambition, and the magic of possibilities. Whether you're aspiring to realize your dreams or seeking a spark of inspiration and vitality, Goldstone can be a beautiful and potent ally.