Collection: Alum

Alum, a group of hydrated aluminum salts, is often recognized for its multitude of practical uses, from purifying water to culinary applications. Yet, in the metaphysical realm, Alum has also found a place due to its unique properties.

Alum is thought to possess a potent spiritual protective quality. It is used in many cultures as a spiritual cleanser and is considered effective for warding off negative energies or evil spirits. Many people believe in its power to absorb environmental negativity, thereby creating a safer and more balanced environment.

As a stone of communication and trust, Alum is said to encourage open-mindedness, willingness to take on new experiences, and the ability to see the larger picture in life situations. It may help one recognize their mistakes and learn from them, promoting personal growth and maturity.

Physically, Alum is recognized for its antiseptic properties in traditional medicine. It's been used in treatment for skin diseases and injuries