Collection: Coral

Coral, a marine organism known for its vibrant hues ranging from deep red to white, isn't technically a stone, yet it's treasured in various cultures for its unique properties. Its formation is a slow process in which small sea creatures called polyps accumulate in colonies, secreting calcium carbonate that eventually hardens into the hardened structure we know as coral. This unusual origin connects coral deeply with the sea, representing a potent symbol of the ocean's mystery and wisdom.

Metaphysically, Coral is believed to quiet the emotions and bring peace within oneself. Known as a 'stone' of transformation and peace, Coral works to foster intuition, imagination, and visualization. It has been known to relax and quiet the emotions, helping to facilitate connections with the spiritual nature of life.

Often associated with the Root Chakra, Coral is said to protect and strengthen one's emotional foundation, providing solace and a connection to nature's innate healing. It represents the intricate balance of physical and spiritual health, reminding us of our natural instincts and innate wisdom.

On a personal level, Coral is believed to stimulate an energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals. It is known to protect against lethargy and depression, and to impart a sense of wellbeing. By promoting a sense of harmonious existence with the natural world, Coral supports the journey towards understanding one's purpose in life.

Moreover, Coral aids in community relationships, as it stimulates a sense of harmony and cooperation within one's own circle. It's a symbol of the communal bonds that make us stronger and more resilient, mirroring the cooperative colonies of the coral polyps themselves. Just as these tiny creatures build vast, beautiful reefs, Coral encourages us to build a vibrant, supportive network in our own lives.

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