Collection: Orthoceras

Orthoceras, meaning 'straight horn', refers to the fossilized remains of extinct marine animals known as cephalopods that lived around 400 million years ago during the Ordovician period. They're characterized by their elongated, conical shells, and can be found worldwide, often appearing in black marble in Morocco.

In the metaphysical world, Orthoceras is associated primarily with the root chakra. Its ancient energy is believed to bring wisdom, confidence, and success, making it often referred to as a 'Stone of Empowerment'.

Emotionally, Orthoceras is thought to help alleviate feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. It's believed to stimulate life force energy, promoting a sense of joy, enthusiasm, and uplifted spirits. Its grounding properties are also said to encourage stability and balance, helping to combat emotional upheavals.

On a personal level, Orthoceras fossils are believed to foster personal growth and transformation. They're said to assist in the development of patience, perseverance, and resilience, thereby helping individuals overcome their fears and obstacles. Additionally, these fossils are thought to stimulate an understanding of the interconnections of life, promoting a sense of unity and cooperation.

Spiritually, Orthoceras fossils are used to heighten spiritual wisdom and intuition. They're believed to stimulate a deeper connection to the Earth and the past, providing insight into the grand cycle of life and evolution. In meditation, they're used to travel back to past lives, offering an opportunity to understand and heal past life traumas.

In essence, Orthoceras, with its ancient origins and remarkable preservation, serves as a powerful symbol of resilience, evolution, and the interconnectedness of life. Its enduring presence reminds us of the timeless wisdom inherent in the Earth and our potential for growth, transformation, and spiritual awakening.