Collection: 3-4mm

Explore our collection of exquisite 3-4mm faceted bracelets, elegantly designed to capture the light and create a stunning sparkle effect. Each one is a delicate marvel, showcasing the natural beauty of various precious gemstones in a smaller, more intricate setting.

These 3-4mm faceted bracelets lend a distinctive, refined elegance to any outfit. The smaller bead size creates a more delicate, understated look compared to larger bead bracelets, making them perfect for those who prefer a subtler approach to jewelry. Despite their petite size, these faceted beads catch the light beautifully, creating a delightful glimmer as you move.

Each bracelet in this collection features different types of gemstones, all chosen for their unique colors, patterns, and metaphysical properties. From the protective energies of black tourmaline to the soothing calm of blue lace agate, there's a bracelet here to align with every energy need and aesthetic preference.

Beyond their beauty, these bracelets carry strong metaphysical properties. Depending on the specific gemstones used, these bracelets can serve as powerful tools for spiritual and emotional healing. They can help balance your energies, promote emotional well-being, and amplify positive vibrations.

The art of faceting adds another level of allure to these bracelets. The multi-faceted surface of each bead refracts light in numerous directions, creating a captivating sparkle that is sure to attract attention. This makes these bracelets the perfect accessory for when you want to add a bit of glitz and glam to your outfit.

In essence, our 3-4mm faceted bracelets are more than just jewelry. They are a harmonious blend of style, spiritual wellness, and natural beauty. They're not just worn; they're experienced.