Collection: Epidote

Epidote is a greenish-black to greenish-yellow mineral that forms in medium to high-temperature metamorphic rocks and in igneous rocks. It's known for its distinctive elongated crystals, and significant deposits are found in Austria, Mexico, Norway, and the United States.

In the realm of metaphysics, Epidote is often referred to as the 'Stone of Enhancement' due to its reputed ability to amplify the energy of whatever it is exposed to or surrounds. It is believed to resonate primarily with the heart chakra, promoting healing, balance, and abundance.

Emotionally, Epidote is thought to bring about emotional stability and resilience. It's believed to facilitate a release from negative habits and past traumas, enabling a person to move forward with greater self-awareness and strength.

On a personal level, Epidote is hailed for its ability to stimulate personal growth. It's thought to enhance the traits of the user, both positive and negative, encouraging individuals to improve and grow. It's also believed to increase perception and interaction with spiritual beings, amplifying spiritual growth.

Spiritually, Epidote is considered a catalyst for change, guiding individuals towards their highest spiritual development. It is often used in meditation as it is believed to raise the vibration of the physical body to resonate more closely with divine light.

In essence, Epidote, with its vibrant green hues, symbolizes growth, release, and enhancement. As a stone of increase, Epidote makes a meaningful companion for those looking to amplify positivity in their lives and stimulate their spiritual growth.