Collection: Lizardite

Lizardite, a type of serpentine mineral, derives its name from the locality of its first discovery - the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. This mineral is renowned for its shades of green - from light apple green to dark olive - and often exhibits a waxy or silky luster. Its formation primarily occurs in metamorphic environments, where peridotite and other magnesium-rich rock types are altered by metamorphism.

When it comes to its metaphysical properties, Lizardite is often called upon for its nurturing energy. This stone is believed to provide spiritual replenishment, infusing your energy field with the life-force energies of the world around you. It resonates with the heart chakra, and its vibrations are thought to promote emotional healing and stimulate feelings of love, peace, and inner tranquility.

Lizardite is considered a grounding stone that connects you with Earth energies. It is believed to enhance your intuitive connection with nature and animals, promoting environmental awareness and encouraging conservation efforts. This connection with the Earth can offer a sense of stability and balance during periods of change or turbulence.

In the pursuit of personal growth, Lizardite is said to spark the courage needed to overcome difficulties and foster the resilience to continue in the face of adversity. It is a stone of strength and renewal that is thought to align the heart's desires with the mind's thoughts, promoting coherence between feeling and action.

Lastly, Lizardite is often utilized in meditation practices for its calming influence. It's believed to enhance concentration, promote mental clarity, and facilitate profound spiritual growth.

In summary, Lizardite is not only visually pleasing with its verdant hues but also revered for its significant metaphysical attributes. It's a beneficial addition to anyone seeking emotional healing, environmental connection, personal growth, and meditative focus.