Collection: Snow quartz

Snow Quartz, also known as Quartzite or White Quartz, is an opaque, white variety of quartz that gets its snowy, milky white color from microscopic inclusions of fluids, gas, or both trapped during the crystal formation.

Snow Quartz is formed within the Earth's crust from superheated, mineral-rich solutions. As these solutions cool, silica is deposited into cavities and crevices, gradually forming quartz crystals. The unique opaque, snowy appearance is a result of microscopic inclusions trapped within the crystalline structure.

On a metaphysical level, Snow Quartz shares many of its properties with Clear Quartz, yet its energy is softer, subtler, and more yin or feminine in nature. It is revered as a stone of serenity and wisdom, encouraging clarity of thought and an unbiased, harmonious perspective. This gentle stone is said to be helpful in overcoming victimhood and martyrdom, promoting responsibility for one's behavior.

Snow Quartz is also known for its calming and soothing qualities, which can help to relieve stress and anxiety, and promote a peaceful, tranquil energy in its environment. Its white, clean appearance is believed to purify and cleanse the aura, enhancing spiritual growth by providing clarity and illuminating hidden meanings and truths.

In addition, Snow Quartz is often used to boost concentration and learning abilities, making it an excellent companion for those involved in scholastic pursuits.

Snow Quartz, with its captivating snow-white hue, unifies the beauty of nature with profound metaphysical properties, providing a serene sense of clarity, wisdom, and tranquility. Its serene energy and soothing aura make it an ideal stone for meditation and spiritual work.

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