Collection: Carnelian

Carnelian is a captivating stone known for its brilliant orange hue and rich history. As one of the oldest known gemstones, carnelian has been revered for centuries for its beauty and perceived metaphysical properties.

In terms of its metaphysical qualities, carnelian is considered a stone of vitality and motivation. It's believed to stimulate ambition, courage, and drive, thereby propelling its bearers towards success. If you're seeking to bring more motivation and determination into your life, carnelian's vibrant and energetic vibrations might be just what you need.

The stone is also thought to have a potent effect on the sacral chakra, the center of pleasure, creativity, and emotional flow in the body according to many spiritual traditions. By working with carnelian, individuals might find a boost in creative energies and the courage to express themselves fully and passionately.

In addition to these qualities, carnelian is said to be a protective stone, especially beneficial for banishing negativity and replacing it with a love of life. Its warm, joyous energy may also help lift the spirits and improve one's outlook.

Lastly, carnelian is thought to possess grounding properties, helping individuals to stay present, focused, and anchored in reality. It can help one to trust themselves and their perceptions, encouraging steadfastness and persistence in all endeavors.