Collection: Magnetite

Magnetite, an iron oxide mineral, is one of the most magnetic substances found in nature. It exhibits a black, opaque appearance and forms in various geological environments, including igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Its name derives from Magnesia, a region in Greece where the mineral was historically discovered.

In the metaphysical sphere, Magnetite, also known as Lodestone, aligns primarily with the root chakra. It's often termed a 'Stone of Manifestation' due to its perceived ability to attract desires and goals into one's life, similar to a magnet's properties.

Emotionally, Magnetite is believed to promote a balanced mood and offer relief from feelings of fear, anger, grief, and over-attachment. Its grounding energy is thought to stabilize turbulent emotions and bring about a sense of inner peace and calm.

On a personal level, Magnetite is used as a tool for self-discovery and realization of one's potential. It's believed to stimulate tenacity and endurance, assisting individuals in persevering through challenges and persisting in their pursuits. Additionally, it's said to strengthen positive qualities, such as trustworthiness, reliability, and the ability to remain objective in complicated situations.

Spiritually, Magnetite is thought to align the chakras and harmonize the biomagnetic field around the body. It's often used in meditation to deepen the connection to the Earth and the universal energy field. It's also believed to amplify intuition and psychic abilities, providing guidance and clarity on one's spiritual journey.

In essence, Magnetite, with its profound black color and inherent magnetic properties, symbolizes the dynamic energies of attraction, balance, and perseverance. It's considered a guide on our path towards self-realization, helping us align with our true potential and manifest our deepest desires.