Collection: Peridot

Peridot, a variety of the mineral olivine, is a vibrant, olive-green gemstone. It's formed deep within the earth’s mantle and brought to the surface by volcanic activity. Some peridots have even been found in meteorites, making them one of the few gemstones known to occur in extraterrestrial settings. Major deposits are located in Arizona (USA), China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

In the metaphysical realm, Peridot is closely associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras. Often known as the 'Study Stone' or 'Volcanic Gem', it is thought to encourage intellectual curiosity, clarity of thought, and a positive mindset.

Emotionally, Peridot is considered a cleansing and healing stone. It's believed to aid in releasing negative patterns and old vibrations, helping to manifest a new reality. Peridot is also thought to balance emotions, alleviate jealousy and resentment, and promote forgiveness and emotional healing.

On a personal level, Peridot is regarded as a gem of positive power. It's believed to inspire personal growth, motivation, and openness to new possibilities. The stone is also considered a symbol of abundance, both in wealth and in the emotional sense.

Spiritually, Peridot is known for its ability to connect one to higher realms of consciousness. It's often used in meditation to increase spiritual perception and understanding, enhance intuition, and facilitate connections with nature spirits and elemental beings.

In essence, Peridot, with its radiant green hues, symbolizes renewal, growth, and transformation. This luminous gemstone serves as a guide for those seeking intellectual curiosity, emotional healing, and a deeper connection to the universe's abundant energies.