Collection: Iceland spar

Iceland Spar, also known as Optical Calcite or Clear Calcite, is a double refractive calcite which is found in multiple regions around the world. However, its name comes from its significant deposits in Iceland. This clear, colorless variety of Calcite is best known for its optical properties. When an object is viewed through an Iceland Spar, it appears double due to the way the calcite bends the light.

In metaphysical practices, Iceland Spar is often referred to as the 'Stone of Clarity and Insight'. Associated with both the crown and third eye chakras, it's believed to amplify and cleanse energy, clear mental blocks, and enhance intuition.

Emotionally, Iceland Spar is considered a powerful cleanser and amplifier of positive energy. It's thought to help clear away stagnant energy, release emotional baggage, and bring a renewed sense of optimism. It's also used to aid in understanding and relieving fear or feelings of powerlessness.

On a personal level, Iceland Spar encourages learning and personal growth. It's believed to help in decision making by enhancing insight and intuition, making it an ideal stone for students and professionals alike. It is also considered a protective stone, aiding in deflecting negativity and boosting self-confidence.

Spiritually, Iceland Spar is thought to facilitate the opening of higher awareness and psychic abilities, including astral projection and remote viewing. Its clear, pure energy is believed to enhance spiritual growth, promote clarity of mind, and assist in the manifestation of personal intentions.

In essence, Iceland Spar, with its crystal-clear appearance and light-refracting properties, embodies clarity, intuition, and personal growth. This powerful mineral is an excellent companion for those seeking to clear negativity, enhance their insight, and reach a higher state of awareness.

Iceland spar