Collection: 925 silver

925 Silver Pendants are a beautiful and elegant type of jewelry that are highly sought after for their lustrous shine, durability, and affordability. The "925" in the name refers to the percentage of pure silver in the piece, which is 92.5%, with the remaining 7.5% typically being an alloy like copper or zinc to add strength while preserving the brilliance of the silver.

Silver has been used in jewelry for thousands of years due to its beauty and the positive energy it's believed to possess. It's often associated with moon energy, reflecting light into the shadows, embodying patience and perseverance. In the realm of healing and metaphysics, silver is also believed to be a mirror to the soul, promoting greater self-understanding, calmness, and balance.

When paired with various gemstones in pendants, the metaphysical properties of both elements are believed to interact harmoniously. The silver enhances the connection between the wearer and the stone, boosting the flow of energies and directing them to where they're most needed.

From the intricate details of a vintage style pendant to the modern minimalism of a geometric piece, 925 Silver Pendants are a great choice for anyone seeking a stylish and durable piece of jewelry with an added layer of spiritual significance. Whether you choose a pendant embedded with your birthstone or a stone that resonates with your energy, a 925 Silver Pendant is a jewelry piece that you'll treasure for years.
925 silver