Collection: Eggs

Crystal eggs, coming in a myriad of different minerals, carry significant symbolism and metaphysical properties that have been revered in many cultures around the world. The egg shape represents fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings, resonating with the cycles of life, nature, and seasons.

When crafted from crystals, these eggs take on the properties of the specific mineral. For instance, an amethyst egg could promote peace and tranquility, while a rose quartz egg might emanate vibrations of love and emotional healing. The shape of the egg enhances the stone's natural energy, creating a strong energetic field that radiates in all directions.

Many people use crystal eggs during meditation, holding them in their palms to connect with their energy and infuse their intentions. Others place them around their homes or workplaces, where they can function as a protective amulet, energy cleanser, or simply an item of beauty.

In terms of formation, crystal eggs are carefully carved and polished from larger pieces of the mineral. The artisans who create these pieces pay close attention to the natural features of the crystal to bring out its inherent beauty while crafting it into a symbolically potent shape.

In the end, the connection you form with your crystal egg is personal, derived from your intentions, beliefs, and the particular type of crystal you choose. Remember, the power of crystals is amplified when paired with mindful intention, making these eggs a potent tool for personal and spiritual development.

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