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Onyx – Egg M

Onyx – Egg M

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The Onyx Egg (Medium) is an elegant and captivating object, often revered for both its beauty and its spiritual significance. Here's a look at this remarkable piece:

Appearance: Slightly smaller than the large variant, the medium Onyx Egg maintains the same striking black hue interlaced with occasional bands of white, gray, or other subtle colors. Its polished surface gives it a gleaming luster that adds to its visual appeal.

Metaphysical Properties: Similar to the larger variant, the medium Onyx Egg is believed to have grounding and protective qualities. It may help in enhancing inner strength, focus, and wisdom, as well as aid in balancing energies within the body.


  • Decorative Item: Perfect for shelves, desks, or mantlepieces, it adds a touch of elegance and mystique.
  • Spiritual Tool: Some individuals use it in meditation or other spiritual practices to promote concentration and connection to oneself.
  • Collectible: Its unique beauty makes it an excellent piece for collectors of minerals and spiritual items.
  • Gift: A thoughtful present for those interested in the spiritual or aesthetic value of stones.

Care and Maintenance: As with the large version, care should be taken to avoid harsh chemicals, and it should be cleaned gently with mild soapy water. Keeping it out of prolonged exposure to sunlight will help maintain its vibrant color.

Conclusion: The medium Onyx Egg is not just a scaled-down version of its larger counterpart but stands as a unique piece in its own right. Its size might make it more suitable for intimate spaces or personal altars, where its beauty and alleged metaphysical properties can be more closely appreciated. Whether admired for its appearance alone or utilized in spiritual practice, the medium Onyx Egg is a remarkable addition to any home or collection. Its distinct patterns and bands ensure that each egg is unique, adding to its intrinsic value and allure.

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