Collection: Chips

Chips bracelets are a type of jewelry that are adored by many for their raw, natural appeal and their metaphysical properties. Each bracelet consists of small, polished gemstone 'chips', which are essentially little pieces of larger stones, that have been strung together to create a captivating and vibrant piece of wearable art.

These bracelets are highly versatile and provide a casual, earthy look making them a perfect accessory for almost any outfit. The textural diversity of the chips offers a tactile experience that is both pleasant to the touch and visually attractive.

But chips bracelets are more than just an attractive accessory, they are also a potent tool for those who believe in the power of crystals. The stones used in these bracelets are believed to radiate their own unique energy frequencies, which can interact with the wearer's personal energy field, or aura. These interactions are said to help balance the energies within the body, promote mental clarity, and encourage a sense of overall wellbeing.

For example, an amethyst chips bracelet may aid in enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition, while a rose quartz bracelet may foster love and emotional healing. Similarly, a tiger's eye chips bracelet might help to inspire confidence and motivation.

Each bracelet is unique, due to the natural variations in color, size, and shape of the stone chips. This means that every chips bracelet you own or give as a gift is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you are drawn to these bracelets for their metaphysical properties, their beauty, or both, chips bracelets are a unique way to celebrate and harness the power of nature.