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Chakras bracelet – Chips

Chakras bracelet – Chips

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Experience the harmonious energy of our Chakras Chips Bracelet. This unique piece features chips of different gemstones, each corresponding to one of the seven chakras. Designed to promote balance and harmony within the body's energy centers, this bracelet is a testament to the healing power of crystals. Strung on a durable, flexible string, it comfortably fits any wrist.

Our Chakras Chips Bracelet captures the vibrant energy of the chakras in its most natural form. Each chip, carefully chosen to resonate with a specific chakra, showcases the unique beauty and energy of its corresponding gemstone. The irregular shapes of the chips create a captivating visual dynamic, reflecting the raw energy of nature.

Strung on a flexible string that adjusts to any wrist size, this bracelet is a radiant addition to any outfit. The chakra chips catch and reflect light, enhancing the bracelet's vibrant hues and making it a colorful accessory that complements any ensemble.

Each Chakras Chips Bracelet is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting our commitment to creating high-quality, thoughtful pieces of jewelry. The careful selection and arrangement of each chakra chip are executed to uphold our stringent standards of quality, capturing the natural beauty and vibrancy of the chakras.

The Chakras Chips Bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a wearable celebration of the harmonious energy of the chakras. Whether as a personal keepsake, a tool for energy balance, or an appreciation of nature's raw beauty, this bracelet serves as a beautiful testament to the captivating allure of the chakras.
Chakras bracelet – Chips.
Chakra bracelet has 7 stones for each energy center and one universal crystal. 
Minerals are:
Roch crystal

Approximate weight: 14g. 
The bracelets are strung on elastic rubber band, so that it fits to every wrist.

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