Collection: Palmstone

Welcome to our captivating collection of palmstones, meticulously crafted from various crystals and minerals, each possessing their own unique set of metaphysical properties. Palmstones, also known as worry stones or thumb stones, are beautifully polished pieces of crystals that comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. They're perfect for meditation, crystal healing, or as a comforting item to help reduce anxiety.

Palmstones are specifically designed for their calming effects. They are shaped and sized to lie flat and smooth in your hand, providing an instinctively agreeable sensation. This tactile connection with the stone can work as a powerful grounding effect, bringing you back into the present moment, promoting relaxation, and alleviating stress.

The choice of crystal also plays a vital role in the energy and benefits of the palmstone. For instance, an Amethyst palmstone can assist in developing your intuition and spiritual growth, while a Rose Quartz palmstone may resonate with frequencies of unconditional love and emotional healing.

Palmstones are versatile tools in crystal healing, ideal for focusing your intent during energy work or meditation. Their portable size makes them easy to keep with you throughout the day; you can carry them in your pocket, bag, or even keep them on your desk at work.

Whether you are seeking healing, grounding, anxiety relief, or a boost in meditation, our diverse collection of palmstones offers something for everyone. Let these delightful stones aid you in your journey to spiritual growth and inner peace.