Collection: Hematite

Hematite, known for its metallic gray to black hue, is an iron oxide mineral and one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. Its name comes from the Greek word for blood, 'haima,' due to the red streak it leaves when rubbed against a harder substance. Hematite is commonly found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks worldwide, with significant deposits in Brazil, the Lake Superior region, and Western Australia.

In the metaphysical realm, Hematite is considered the 'Stone of the Mind.' It resonates primarily with the root chakra, providing a grounding energy that nurtures feelings of safety and balance.

Emotionally, Hematite is believed to stabilize the emotional realm, regulating the equilibrium between the body, mind, and spirit. It's thought to transform negative energy into positive vibrations, helping to create a harmonious inner climate and fostering a sense of calm and tranquility.

On a personal level, Hematite is regarded as an excellent tool for boosting self-esteem and confidence. It's considered a mental attunement stone, believed to enhance focus, concentration, and original thinking. It's often used by students or professionals to stimulate their problem-solving abilities and analytical skills.

Spiritually, Hematite is said to provide a strong grounding and protective energy, connecting the bearer to the Earth and the universe. It's believed to balance the auric field and align the chakras, acting as a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks.

In essence, Hematite, with its metallic sheen and dense energy, symbolizes grounding, protection, and mental clarity. This timeless gemstone calls to those who seek emotional balance, intellectual growth, and a profound connection with the universe.