Collection: Tektite

Tektite, known for its dark or black color, is a fascinating substance believed to originate from meteoric impacts. Unlike other minerals and gemstones, tektites are formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. The intense heat and pressure of such an impact melts the terrestrial rocks and propels them into the atmosphere, where they solidify into the unique forms of tektites as they fall back to Earth. This extraordinary origin imbues them with a strong association with extraterrestrial energies and communication.

Metaphysically, tektites are renowned as powerful tools for spiritual growth and expansion. Often associated with the third eye and crown chakras, they are said to enhance psychic abilities, deepen one's consciousness, and facilitate astral travel and spiritual multi-dimensionality.

As the "Stone of Connectivity," tektites are believed to promote a deeper connection to other realms and dimensions, encouraging spiritual and cosmic communication. They also aid in understanding experiences and lessons on a higher level, fostering spiritual advancement and enlightenment.

On a personal level, tektites can bring about an increase in one's energy field, aiding in overcoming lethargy or lack of motivation. They are thought to strengthen the aura and raise a person's vibrational frequency, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to elevate their mood, energy, and overall outlook.

Furthermore, tektites are said to encourage a sense of adventure and change, making them a wonderful companion for those at the start of new endeavors or life transitions. They promote resilience, flexibility, and the ability to see potential in every situation. Tektites truly are a cosmic gift, encouraging us to look beyond our world and aspire for the stars.