Collection: Aragonite

Aragonite, a distinctive mineral known for its crystal "star clusters," holds a robust metaphysical portfolio. Its energy is considered grounding and stabilizing, bringing a sense of balance to the mind and spirit. Named after Aragon in Spain, where it was first discovered, Aragonite has since been found worldwide, often in the shells of marine organisms.

Connected strongly with the Earth, Aragonite resonates with the Root and Earth Star Chakras, anchoring the individual firmly in the physical world. It encourages a deeper connection with the Earth, promoting environmental conservation and the recycling of resources.

Emotionally, Aragonite aids in calming overactivity and stress, balancing the emotional body and releasing anger and resentment. It provides strength and support, helping to combat emotional fatigue and prevent burnout. This stone is thought to be particularly helpful for those with a lot of responsibilities, as it can help to balance out a hectic lifestyle.

In terms of spiritual growth, Aragonite promotes patience and acceptance, aiding in practicality and discipline. It's believed to facilitate a clear connection with the spiritual realm and enhance concentration during meditation, making it a choice stone for spiritual practices.