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Aragonite – bowl 11cm

Aragonite – bowl 11cm

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Aragonite Bowl 11cm – Embrace Natural Simplicity and Energy

Unveiling our 11cm Aragonite Bowl, a harmonious blend of natural beauty and functionality. Carved from pure Aragonite, this bowl exhibits a rich and warm earthy hue, making it an elegant and practical piece for your home or office.

About Aragonite:

Aragonite, with its raw and organic appeal, is a carbonate mineral known for its grounding and centering energies. It is said to foster patience, discipline, and reliability, making it a worthy addition to your space.


  • Design: Meticulously carved into a 11cm bowl, it's a practical and attractive piece suitable for various uses.
  • Material: Made from genuine Aragonite, it's a symbol of natural beauty and organic appeal.
  • Beneficial Effects: Known to balance energy fields, reduce stress, and promote stability.

Why Choose an Aragonite Bowl?

  • For Earthy Elegance: Its warm hue adds a natural charm to any decor.
  • For Practicality: Perfect for holding trinkets, keys, crystals, or as a decorative piece.
  • For Grounding Energy: Aragonite's earth connection brings a sense of balance and calm.

Perfect For:

  • Nature Lovers: An ideal gift for those who appreciate the raw beauty of nature.
  • Homemakers: A useful and beautiful addition to any home or office decor.
  • Energy Workers: A practical tool for those who wish to harness the grounding energies of Aragonite.


Our Aragonite Bowl is not just a decor piece, but a representation of the inherent beauty and grounding energies of nature. Its 11cm size makes it perfect for versatile use, while its natural aesthetic makes it a unique piece for any space.

Please note: As Aragonite is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal, enhancing its unique character.

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