Collection: Moldavite

Moldavite, a form of tektite, is a truly cosmic gemstone. This beautiful, deep green stone was formed around 15 million years ago during a meteorite impact in what is now the southern Germany region. The heat and pressure from the impact were so intense that it caused the surrounding rocks to melt and fling into the air, which then cooled and solidified into the unique glassy material we know as Moldavite.

In metaphysical circles, Moldavite is known as "The Stone of Transformation". It is reputed to be an extraordinarily powerful crystal, accelerating spiritual growth and promoting rapid transformation in one's life. It is associated with the heart and third eye chakras and is believed to open, clear, and align these energy centers, stimulating love, compassion, and intuition.

On an emotional level, Moldavite is often associated with personal evolution. It is believed to help its users understand their true purpose in life and help remove obstacles that hinder personal growth. The intense frequency of this stone can shake up stagnant energies, bringing to light that which is hidden, both within oneself and in one's life.

In spiritual terms, Moldavite is considered a catalyst for inner expansion and cosmic consciousness. It is often used for dream work, meditation, and spiritual awakening due to its believed ability to heighten the frequency of synchronicities and opportunities, aid in connecting with higher realms, and help one tap into their intuitive abilities.

In essence, Moldavite, with its extraterrestrial origin and transformative energy, symbolizes rapid growth, change, and spiritual evolution. As a catalyst for uncovering life's purpose and awakening the heart to love and compassion, it's an extraordinary stone for those on a spiritual journey, seeking to evolve and transform their lives.