Collection: Coprolite

Coprolite, commonly known as fossilized dinosaur dung, is a unique and intriguing mineral. The word "coprolite" is derived from the Greek words "kopros," meaning dung, and "lithos," meaning stone. These specimens, once organic material, over millions of years have mineralized into a stony composition. Found globally, they are particularly common in areas rich in dinosaur fossils such as the USA, Canada, and Madagascar.

In the metaphysical sphere, Coprolite is recognized as the 'Stone of Past Life Recall.' It is believed to resonate primarily with the base and sacral chakras, providing grounding and stimulating creative energy.

Emotionally, Coprolite is thought to aid in releasing fear and trauma, transforming these negative emotions into positive and uplifting energy. It is associated with change, personal growth, and the ability to adapt to new situations, mirroring its own journey from organic matter to mineral.

On a personal level, Coprolite is seen as a symbol of transformation and longevity, illustrating that nothing is truly wasted in nature's cycle. It is believed to stimulate the imagination and encourage exploration of the past, either personal history or ancestral lineage.

Spiritually, Coprolite is considered to enhance spiritual growth, helping one to connect with the past on a deeper level. It is often used in meditation and past-life regression to help uncover hidden memories and understand past experiences.

In essence, Coprolite, with its fascinating origin and striking appearance, embodies transformation, adaptability, and the cycle of life. This intriguing fossil is a delightful companion for those seeking personal growth, emotional healing, and a deeper understanding of the past.