Collection: Hypersthene

Hypersthene, also known as Enstatite, is a captivating mineral recognized for its lustrous and reflective surface, exhibiting flashes of color that range from silver to dark violet. This mineral is part of the pyroxene family and is found in igneous and some metamorphic rocks in localities including Canada, Greenland, and Norway.

In the realm of metaphysics, Hypersthene is often referred to as the 'Stone of Rest, Recovery, and Solutions'. It is associated with the root and crown chakras, signifying a balance between physical existence and spiritual insight.

Emotionally, Hypersthene is believed to offer a protective and grounding energy that calms, soothes, and helps to quell anxiety or hyperactivity. It's considered to be especially beneficial for those dealing with emotional overwhelm or stress, promoting a peaceful and restful state.

On a personal level, Hypersthene is thought to stimulate problem-solving abilities, encouraging a clear-headed and organized approach to find solutions. This makes it an ideal companion for individuals facing complex challenges or seeking to boost their strategic thinking.

Spiritually, Hypersthene is said to open the doors of consciousness, enabling the exploration of the self and the universe beyond. It's believed to help develop psychic gifts, enhance intuition, and encourage insightful dreams.

In essence, Hypersthene, with its enchanting lustrous appearance, embodies grounding, calmness, and strategic insight. This unique stone calls to those seeking solutions, introspection, and a deep sense of peace and calm in their lives.