Collection: Obelisk

Welcome to our compelling range of crystal obelisks. Steeped in history and metaphysical significance, these obelisks are not only visually captivating but also a powerful tool in spiritual and healing practices.

Obelisks are tall, four or more-sided pillars that gradually taper as they ascend, culminating in a pyramid-like tip. In ancient Egypt, they were considered symbols of the sun god Ra's eternal power. The modern spiritual community has adopted them as powerful energy conductors, owing to their shape and the natural properties of the crystals from which they are crafted.

The unique structure of an obelisk allows it to draw in negative or chaotic energy from its base, transform it within its core, and release it as positive, harmonious energy from its apex. This makes them ideal tools for meditation, healing, and energy work. They can assist in grounding, balancing energy fields, and increasing the flow of life force energy or chi.

Whether crafted from clear quartz for amplifying energy, black obsidian for protection, or selenite for clarity, each crystal obelisk brings its unique set of metaphysical properties into your space. Placing an obelisk in your home or workspace can also serve as a visual reminder of your spiritual goals and intentions.

Explore our collection and allow these remarkable obelisks to not only enhance the aesthetic of your surroundings but also heighten your spiritual and healing journey. Let their age-old wisdom and modern crystal energies guide and inspire you.