Collection: Tiger eye

Tiger Eye is an enticing gemstone, named for its striking resemblance to the eye of a tiger with its rich golden-brown bands and silky luster. It's a form of quartz, classified as a chatoyant gemstone, renowned for its remarkable 'cat's eye' effect that shimmers under light.

This intriguing mineral originates from various locations worldwide, but significant deposits have been found in South Africa, India, Australia, and the USA. Its formation involves the replacement of Crocidolite fibers with silica (quartz), while the iron within the Crocidolite oxidizes, lending the stone its golden-brown color.

From a metaphysical perspective, Tiger Eye is believed to be a powerful stone for balance, strength, and grounding. It's linked with the solar plexus and root chakras, harmonizing the energies associated with personal power, courage, and survival instincts.

Often considered a protective stone, Tiger Eye is said to ward off negative energies and provide clarity of thought. It's favored by those seeking to make clear decisions and foster an understanding of seemingly complex situations.

In the emotional realm, Tiger Eye can help balance the highs and lows, promoting emotional stability. It can inspire courage, determination, and enhance self-confidence, helping you to tackle challenges and make positive changes in your life.

As for physical properties, Tiger Eye rates as a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it relatively durable for jewelry-making and everyday wear.

The unmistakable beauty of Tiger Eye, combined with its symbolic significance, makes it a sought-after gemstone for jewelry and spiritual work. Its warm, earthy hues can complement various styles while serving as a potent reminder of personal strength and balance.

Tiger eye