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Falcon eye

Falcon eye

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Falcon eye.

The popular crystal is well known and used all over the world. It is usually light to dark blue, marked with grey or greenish stripes that give the mineral exceptional uniqueness, playfulness and beauty. The blue tiger's eye is also known as Hawk's Eye, Siliconized Crocidolite, Falcon's Eye or Rhodusite. Although this mineral is widespread throughout the world, its largest deposits are in Namibia, India, Canada and Brazil.

Blue Tigers Eye has a very soothing energy that will help in stressful situations, feeling the symptoms of anxiety or depression, or just when you cannot relax properly. Wearing crystal jewellery will reduce mood swings, strengthen the sense of self-will, will and determination. The mineral will open your aura, clear your thoughts, help you give up unnecessary feelings and fill your heart with warm and full feelings of love.

The stone will bring harmony, joy and love into your relationship with the other side. By stimulating the throat chakra, it will help to articulate your thoughts and needs clearly. Talking to love during a dispute will make it easier to find a common compromise that will satisfy both parties.

It was believed that the stone protected against other people's bad intentions or evil wishes in ancient civilisations. This belief has survived to this day, with most wearing the blue tiger's eye with them to guard against stare, jealousy, or malice. You can also keep the stone on the windowsill or at the house's door to prevent people with bad intentions from entering the house.

Physically, the tiger's blue eyes promote emotional balance, help with fatigue and depression, reduce overactive libido, and regulate metabolism. The crystal can relieve eye problems. Besides, this mineral can regulate hormone levels in the body, improve blood by increasing blood cells and lower blood pressure.

Approximate weight: 11g. 
Approximate size: 1,7x2,6x1,3cm.

Crystal: Falcon eye. 
Country of origin: Africa. 
Chemical composition: SiO2. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5,5 - 6. 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Blue tiger eye properties

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