Collection: Moqui

Moqui Marbles, also known as Shaman Stones or Mochi Balls, are ironstone concretions primarily found in the Navajo Sandstone of southern Utah. These rounded stones usually consist of a sandstone center covered by a hardened shell of iron oxide minerals.

In the metaphysical world, Moqui Marbles are often linked to the root chakra, but they are also believed to balance and align all the chakras. They're frequently referred to as 'Shaman Stones', used traditionally by shamans of the native tribes for healing and spiritual rituals.

Emotionally, Moqui Marbles are thought to bring comfort and peace. They're believed to alleviate fears and worries, grounding one's energy to help confront emotional challenges. They are also considered useful in overcoming feelings of loneliness or disconnectedness.

On a personal level, Moqui Marbles are said to provide protection and grounding. They're thought to help one remain centered and focused, especially in turbulent times. Their energy is believed to promote self-confidence and courage, stimulating growth on all levels of being.

Spiritually, Moqui Marbles are used to enhance spiritual perception and psychic abilities. They're believed to facilitate out-of-body experiences, assisting in spiritual journeys and providing protection in the astral realm. They're often used in meditation to connect with the Earth's energies and the wisdom of the ancestors.

In essence, Moqui Marbles, with their earthy energy and ancient wisdom, symbolize grounding, spiritual growth, and emotional balance. They serve as a spiritual tool for those seeking to deepen their connection with the Earth, the spirit realm, and their inner selves.