Collection: Ruby

Ruby, a variety of the mineral corundum, is one of the most esteemed gemstones, admired for its radiant red hue. Its captivating color results from the presence of chromium. Named from 'ruber', Latin for red, ruby's formation occurs under intense heat and pressure deep within the earth's crust.

In metaphysical circles, the ruby is synonymous with passion, protection, and prosperity. Its vibrant red color resonates with the life force and vitality, often associated with the Root Chakra. People may be drawn to the ruby for its reputed ability to restore vitality and zest for life.

The ruby is often called a stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems. It's said to promote dynamic leadership, bringing a positive and courageous state of mind - one that is sharp, hyper-aware, and concentrated. It's thought to enhance one's ability to 'take charge', helping to transform one's dreams into reality.

Ruby has been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment, and closeness. For centuries, it was considered the stone of love, much like the diamond. In antiquity, rubies were considered to have magical properties and were worn by royalty as a talisman against evil.

The energy of ruby is intense and vivacious, making it an excellent gemstone for those needing to strengthen motivation and determination. Rubies are also traditionally used to support heart health and promote a positive state of mind that is resistant to emotional turmoil.

It's important to remember that while the metaphysical properties of rubies and other gemstones offer intriguing perspectives, they are meant to complement, not replace, professional medical advice.

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