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Ruby with zoisite – Raw

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Ruby with Zoisite (aniolite) is formed naturally in nature and creates a perfect combination of energies. The crystal was discovered in 1949 in Tanzania. Depending on the main ingredients, it can vary significantly in colour, pattern, and hardness. Today, it is one of the most colourful decorative gemstones, and due to its abundance, it is affordable even in larger sizes.

It is a stone that connects the heart and mind. These two working together will calm your inner wars and make it easier to make the right decisions based on feelings and logic. By strengthening your spirituality and awareness, the aniolite will encourage you to live here and now at the moment. If you start living and enjoying all the possibilities today - tomorrow will become brighter and more enjoyable.

In addition, the gemstone shows the way you will find unity with yourself. All self-critical thoughts and doubts will calm down. As you enlighten your mind, you will understand your uniqueness and significance in the overall picture of the universe. With the help of the crystal, it will be easier for you to refine your values ​​and follow them. In this way, you will learn to take care of yourself first - on a physical and emotional level.

Ruby with zoisite dissolves anger, frustration, sadness and heals various heart injuries. Keeping it close to you, you will feel the inside fill with warm, loving feelings. It will be easier for you to understand and empathise with others because you will be more sensitive to their pain. It is also a stone that protects the relationship, as it dispels misunderstandings in the couple and makes it easier to make mutually satisfactory decisions.

Aniolite has strong vital energy, making it ideal for treating various injuries and accelerating the processes of organ regeneration. The stone helps to cope with emotional disorders, depression, multiple phobias, and panic attacks by acting on the brain. It also improves sleep, nails and hair, participates in circulatory processes, and reduces menstrual cramps. It is one of those minerals that helps people who have fertility problems.

Approximate weight: 33g. 
Approximate size: 3,3x3,4x2cm.

Crystal: Ruby with zoisite. 
Country of origin: India. 
Chemical composition: Al2O3:Cr. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 6 - 6.5 and 9. 

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