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Selenite palm

Selenite palm

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Selenite is the most favourite of many crystal lovers. With its transparent colour, he immediately speaks of sacredness and the ability to purify the soul. The name, which is derived from the Greek word seleni, means moon. Many associate it with the goddess Selena of this celestial object. At present, the crystal is mainly found in deep caves in Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar, and the formations of the raw crystals lie deep underground. It is a crystallised form of gypsum found in the form of a translucent, multifaceted stone. It is formed by the evaporation of saltwater saturated with sulphate and calcium.

The spiritual significance of this crystal is associated with a woman's divine energy and union with angels. From time immemorial, the moon has been considered the guardian and nurturer of the beautiful sex. Therefore, the energy of the goddess Selena is felt only by looking at this wonderful creation of nature. It reminds both women and men to be gentle and loving their bodies. Also, to be grateful for its functions and the opportunity to experience the joy of life on this earth in physical form.

The crystal cleanses the mind, soul and space from negative energies. Being next to him, you will feel the thoughts calm down, and the inside will be filled with peace and tranquillity. Meditate with him to gain clarity of thought and discover the answers to the questions you care about.

It is also a mineral that strengthens spirituality. Being next to it will make it easier to connect with angels and soul leaders who, by sharing their knowledge, will help enlighten your soul and accomplish the tasks that have brought you into this life.

With this crystal, you will quickly notice positive changes in your body. It works well on the spine, promotes better posture, maintains an even flow of energy to the spine. It affects the muscles of the body, facilitates the recovery of cell structure, strengthens the body. Selenite also helps those with fertility problems - to get pregnant, keep it close to your body as often as possible. The stone will protect the expectant mother's health and her unborn child, ensuring a smooth pregnancy.

Country of origin: Morocco
Chemical composition: CaSO42H2O
Mohs hardness: 2

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