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Picture jasper – Palmstone

Picture jasper – Palmstone

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Picture Jasper Palmstone: Earth's Illustrated Story

The Picture Jasper palmstone, aptly named for its intricate, landscape-like patterns, is akin to a painter's canvas filled with the earth's historical tales. Revered as a stone of connection to the Earth's consciousness, Picture Jasper offers a harmonious blend of comfort and grounding. Molded to nestle within one's hand, this palmstone serves as an anchor to Mother Nature's rich tapestry.


  • Appearance: Picture Jasper is distinguishable by its beautiful array of browns, tans, and sandy hues. The stone's unique bands and patterns often resemble topographical landscapes, desert scenes, or waves of sand.

  • Shape & Size: Expertly shaped, the palmstone boasts an organic oval form, ensuring ergonomic comfort. Its polished surface is both visually alluring and pleasing to touch.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Earth Connection: Picture Jasper is renowned for fostering a deep connection to the Earth, grounding energies, and encouraging ecological awareness.

  • Harmony: By aligning the chakras, it encourages a sense of proportion and harmony, both internally and with the external environment.

  • Past-Life Recall: The stone's intricate patterns can act as doorways to ancient civilizations and past-life recall, aiding spiritual growth.

  • Comfort and Nurturance: Its earthy tones provide comfort, alleviating fears and instilling feelings of tranquillity and wholeness.


  • Meditation Tool: Holding Picture Jasper during meditation can enhance the experience, transporting the meditator to serene landscapes and promoting feelings of interconnectedness.

  • Inspiration for Creativity: Artists and writers often turn to Picture Jasper to harness its patterns as inspiration for their creative projects.

  • Daily Anchor: Keeping the palmstone nearby, whether in a pocket or on a desk, can serve as a tangible reminder of Earth's nurturing presence.

Care & Handling:

  • Cleaning: Gently clean the palmstone with lukewarm water and a mild soap, then dry with a soft cloth.

  • Safe Storage: To maintain its luster and prevent scratches, store your Picture Jasper palmstone separately, preferably in a soft pouch.

  • Energizing: Recharge its energies by placing it on a slab of Selenite or by letting it bask under the moon's gentle rays.


The Picture Jasper Palmstone is Earth's poetic canvas, offering a tactile and visual journey through nature's serene landscapes. For those seeking grounding, inspiration, or simply a piece of the Earth's artistry, this palmstone is a treasured companion, connecting the past to the present and the spiritual to the physical.

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