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Iceland spar

Iceland spar

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Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar, also known as optical calcite or clear calcite, is a fascinating mineral that exhibits interesting optical effects. Due to its properties and stunning clarity, Iceland Spar has had a significant impact in various fields, from scientific to metaphysical.

About Iceland Spar:

Iceland Spar is a transparent variety of calcite, or calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is double refractive. This means that when light enters the crystal, it splits into two rays that travel at different speeds and in different directions, creating an effect known as birefringence.


  • Design: Iceland Spar crystals are typically clear and rhombohedral (six-sided) in shape, though they can also come in other colors and forms. Their key feature is their double refraction property.

  • Size: The size of Iceland Spar can vary greatly, from small, palm-sized pieces to larger specimens suitable for display.

  • Unique Properties: This mineral has the unique property of double refraction, which can make objects viewed through the crystal appear doubled.


  • Scientific and Industrial: Iceland Spar has been used in various scientific and industrial applications, including in the creation of certain optical instruments.

  • Metaphysical: In metaphysical practices, Iceland Spar is often used for its perceived ability to clear blockages, enhance insight, and aid in seeing truth.

  • Educational: Its optical property of double refraction makes it a great educational tool for demonstrating this phenomenon.

Perfect For:

  • Collectors: Iceland Spar is a must-have for any mineral collection due to its unique optical properties.

  • Educators: Teachers and educators can use Iceland Spar to demonstrate and explain the principle of double refraction.

  • Energy Workers: Those who practice crystal healing may find the purported properties of Iceland Spar beneficial.

In conclusion, Iceland Spar is not only a visually appealing mineral but also an intriguing one due to its optical characteristics. Its clear, almost glass-like appearance coupled with its unique ability to double refract light makes it a fascinating addition to any collection or educational toolbox.

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