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The name of the magnetite crystal speaks for itself. It is one of the few crystals in the world that reacts to a magnet. The most common colour is black, but the stone can also be found in silver and grey. 

Magnetite has many metaphysical properties that can change lives. It will attract the situations you wish for and the right people. Everything you dream of can acquire a physical body by having this stone. It especially serves those seeking love. Take this mineral with you constantly. It will attract the right person like a magnet to suit your interests. The key is just to know what you really want and not let doubts or fears overshadow your thoughts. 

The crystal has grounding and stabilising properties. It balances yin and yang energies, gives courage and confidence in overcoming life’s difficulties. In addition, the magnetite will surround you with its protective energy and prevent the negative from reaching you. This way, your soul will be able to shine without any interference fully. 

Magnetite is thought to help with concentration, thus improving your productivity. It will encourage you to work harder and more ambitiously to achieve your goals. By attracting success, abundance and prosperity, the crystal will ensure that your life will become what you dream of. 

Magnetite improves blood circulation in the body. It stimulates the production of red blood cells, thus helping the body to supply oxygen. Therefore, this stone is beneficial for people with anaemia. It also reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing and relieves various body aches (muscles, joints, etc.). 

Country of origin: Australia.  
Chemical composition: Fe2+Fe3+2O4.  
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5.5–6.5.  

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