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Carnelian is an orange-coloured chalcedony, a mineral in the quartz family. Its name comes from the Latin word meaning "body." Every civilization from ancient Sumerians and Egyptians used this stone for various purposes. Everyone values it for its spiritual power and significance to the physical body.

Do you catch yourself thinking that life is not what it used to be? Do you lack creative drive and passion for what you do? Or maybe you are stuck in self-confidence and motivation? If so, this stone will help change the current situation in both the personal and professional spheres.

Carnelian energy stimulates the lower three energetic centres of the body. Passion and action are the essential accents of this crystal that will help you change and enjoy yourself, your life. An activated root chakra will awaken your vital energy, source of your deepest desires and powerful creative instincts. Courage and self-confidence will return to you, help you take action, implement personal projects, and stimulate your curiosity.

Orange and red carnelians affect love and fulfilment. They are symbols of fertility and potency, so couples trying to have children are especially recommended to have this stone. Also, any carnelian will help return the passion to a loving relationship in which it has faded.

By stimulating blood circulation, the stone improves organ function, absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. Crystal provides excellent help in detoxifying from alcohol or other drugs and improving overall health in general. As mentioned earlier, it improves ovulation. Moreover, it reduces menstrual or menopausal symptoms.

Approximate weight: 15g. 
Approximate size: 2x2,6x1,5cm.

Crystal: Carnelian. 
Country of origin: India. 
Chemical composition: SiO2
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 6 - 7. 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Carnelian properties

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