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Lizardite pendant – Donut 30mm

Lizardite pendant – Donut 30mm

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Lizardite Pendant – Donut 30mm: A Circle of Serenity and Balance

Welcome tranquility and harmony into your life with the Lizardite Pendant – Donut 30mm. This unique piece features the calming Lizardite stone fashioned into a circular donut shape, symbolizing wholeness and continuity. It's more than just a pendant, it's an emblem of serenity, balance, and the eternal cycle of life.


Appearance: This pendant is a 30mm circle carved from serene green Lizardite. Its patterns, flowing from light to darker green, form a natural mosaic, reminiscent of Earth's own tapestry.

Stone Properties: Lizardite, a variety of Serpentine, is known for its calming and balancing energy. It resonates with the heart chakra, fostering feelings of love and compassion.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Soothing Energy: The Lizardite stone is believed to emit calming energy, promoting emotional balance and tranquility in the wearer.
  • Heart Chakra Alignment: It aligns with the heart chakra, encouraging feelings of empathy and love.
  • Circle of Life: The donut shape symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, promoting understanding and acceptance of life's transitions.


  • Stylish Accessory: This pendant is a unique, nature-inspired accessory that can add a tranquil touch to any outfit.
  • Spiritual Growth: It is ideal for individuals seeking emotional balance and spiritual development.
  • Heartfelt Gift: With its calming properties and unique donut design, it makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Clean gently using a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.
  • Storage: Store in a soft pouch or jewelry box to maintain its shine and prevent scratches.


The Lizardite Pendant – Donut 30mm is more than just a piece of jewelry. It's a symbol of serenity, harmony, and the eternal cycle of life. The calming green hues of the Lizardite stone, along with the pendant's circular design, make this an accessory that's sure to capture attention and imbue the wearer with a sense of peace. This pendant offers a unique and elegant way to carry the soothing energy of Lizardite with you wherever you go.

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