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Lizardite pendant – Drop

Lizardite pendant – Drop

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Lizardite Pendant – Drop: A Whisper of Serenity and Harmony

Adorn yourself with the calming energies of Mother Earth with the Lizardite Pendant – Drop. This elegantly crafted piece features the tranquil green tones of Lizardite in a sophisticated drop shape, making it a timeless accessory filled with serenity and harmony.


Appearance: This pendant features a drop-shaped design, crafted from the soothing green Lizardite stone. The beautiful patterns of the stone, ranging from light to dark green, add a touch of nature's artistry to this piece.

Stone Properties: Lizardite, a variety of Serpentine, is recognized for its tranquilizing energy. It's known for its ability to align and balance the heart chakra, fostering feelings of love and compassion.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Soothing Energy: Lizardite emits a calming and soothing energy, promoting emotional balance and serenity in the wearer.
  • Heart Chakra Alignment: The stone resonates with the heart chakra, encouraging feelings of unconditional love and compassion.
  • Spiritual Growth: Lizardite can aid spiritual exploration, opening pathways to inner wisdom and fostering a greater understanding of one's purpose.


  • Fashion Statement: This pendant can add a sophisticated and serene touch to any outfit, effortlessly combining fashion with natural beauty.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Ideal for individuals seeking emotional balance, calmness, or spiritual growth in their life.
  • Heartfelt Gift: Given its soothing properties and unique beauty, this pendant can serve as a heartfelt gift for loved ones.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Use a soft cloth with mild soap for cleaning. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners should be avoided.
  • Storage: To prevent scratches and maintain its luster, store the pendant in a soft pouch or jewelry box.


The Lizardite Pendant – Drop is not only a unique piece of jewelry but also a tool for emotional balance and serenity. The beautiful green hues and natural patterns of Lizardite combined with the pendant's drop design offer a graceful accessory that can complement any style. This pendant is a beautiful way to embrace the calming energies of Lizardite while adding a touch of elegance to your look. Experience the tranquility of Lizardite with this charming pendant.

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