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Orthoceras – Tower

Orthoceras – Tower

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Orthoceras are fossilised and crystallised extinct cephalopods. These fossils were formed about 400 million years ago and today are found on all seashores, its main excavation site being on the southern coast of Sweden, the Baltic Island of Öland. They are abundant in all sea rocks, especially in large quantities found in limestone. Orthoceras crystals are usually brown, black, green, or grey. It depends on the crystals that penetrate the stone layers.

The orthoceras fossils, which have accumulated knowledge of the earth over many years and absorbed its energies, have many healing properties. It has been observed that they have a close connection with the root chakra, so the stone will give its holder the desire to pursue quality and full-fledged life. You will naturally have an instinct to pursue happiness and a desire to improve in all aspects of life. It will attract greater self-confidence and success, which is believed to benefit those working in the business sector.

Orthoceras has the serenity of the land and the sea. That is why fossils can calm the emotional state. It stimulates the mind and encourages openness and innovation. The stone shows light for those in the darkness, helps not to be afraid of past mistakes and assist in standing on your own feet after psychological injuries. It is a particularly suitable crystal for people with depression.

These fossils can prolong life. It cleanses toxins from the body and soothes stress and anxiety. It has been observed that fatigue and exhaustion are reduced in those who wear orthoceras. Also, people who have gastrointestinal disorders, especially stomach problems, dyspepsia and rheumatism, began to feel better. Like most other fossils, the orthoceras helps the skeletal system, especially the hands, feet and back.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Orthoceras properties

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Fossil properties

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