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Onyx sphere – 35mm

Onyx sphere – 35mm

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Onyx Sphere – 35mm: Your Beacon of Strength and Protection

Presenting the captivating 35mm Onyx Sphere, a symbol of strength, grounding, and protection. Its deep black color paired with a polished surface creates a sense of elegance and mystery. Resonating with the earth's vibrations, this Onyx Sphere offers stability during stressful times and encourages personal strength and self-assuredness.

About Onyx:

Known as the 'stone of strength,' Onyx has a reputation for its powerful protective qualities. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, assists in preventing personal energy drain, and fosters stamina and resilience during challenging times.


  • Shape and Size: Perfectly round, representing completeness and unity, the Onyx Sphere measures 35mm in diameter.
  • Color and Texture: Its deep black color and smoothly polished surface make it an eye-catching piece.
  • Healing Properties: Onyx is believed to enhance self-confidence, mental toughness, and physical strength.

Why Choose an Onyx Sphere?

  • For Protection: Onyx is renowned for its ability to shield its bearer from negative energies.
  • For Strength: It bolsters resilience and self-assuredness during stressful periods.
  • For Decoration: Its aesthetic appeal and bold presence make it a beautiful addition to any space.

Perfect For:

  • Energy Practitioners: Onyx is an ideal choice for those seeking grounding and protection in their energy work.
  • Home Decorators: Its striking look adds a sophisticated touch to any home or office.
  • Gift Givers: Its symbolic meanings and physical beauty make it an inspiring gift for those needing strength and support.


The Onyx Sphere is not just a decorative object; it's a powerful symbol of grounding, protection, and resilience. With its 35mm size, it's perfect for holding during meditation, displaying in your living space, or using in energy work. As Onyx is a natural stone, slight variations in color and texture are normal.

Begin your journey with our Onyx Sphere, a beacon of strength, grounding, and protection in any setting.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Onyx properties

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