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Howlite sphere – 40mm

Howlite sphere – 40mm

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Howlite Sphere – 40mm: Harmonizing and Calming Energy

Presenting our soothing 40mm Howlite Sphere, a perfect representation of serenity and peace. Characterized by its white or light gray color with delicate gray or black veinings, the Howlite Sphere associates with the crown chakra, fostering awareness, patience, and a calm demeanor.

About Howlite:

Known as the Stone of Attunement and Calmness, Howlite is often used to reduce anxiety, tensions, and stress, by absorbing anger and negative energy. It encourages emotional expression, enhances communication, and stimulates a desire for knowledge.


  • Shape and Size: Carefully carved into a sphere of 40mm, symbolizing completeness, unity, and harmony.
  • Color and Texture: Its pale hue, punctuated with gray or black veins, adds a soothing aura, reflecting a tranquil energy.
  • Healing Properties: Known for promoting patience, absorbing anger, reducing insomnia, and calming an overactive mind.

Why Choose a Howlite Sphere?

  • For Tranquility: It brings peace and calm, especially in a turbulent environment.
  • For Emotional Healing: It absorbs negative energy and helps in expressing emotions.
  • For Aesthetic Appeal: Its beautiful veining patterns add a touch of elegance to any decor.

Perfect For:

  • Peace Seekers: If you're aiming to create a calming environment, this sphere is a perfect choice.
  • Students and Learners: Its energy can stimulate the desire for knowledge.
  • Decorative Display: The Howlite sphere is a beautiful and tranquil addition to your home or office.


The Howlite Sphere is not merely a charming natural artifact; it's a symbol of calmness, awareness, and wisdom. Its 40mm size makes it ideal for meditation or decoration in your personal sanctuary. Please note: As Howlite is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Experience tranquility in your daily life with our Howlite Sphere. Let it be a peaceful companion in your journey toward self-awareness and serenity.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Howlite properties

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