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  • Mahagony obsidian sphere – 40mm
  • Mahagony obsidian sphere – 40mm
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Mahagony obsidian sphere – 40mm

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Mahogany obsidian has inclusions of Magnetite or Haematite, creating the mahogany-coloured patches in it. It is a natural volcanic type of glass formed as an extruded magmatic rock. Since the Stone Age, obsidian has been used to manufacture various weapons and later in surgical instruments. Crystal is a suitable material for furniture decoration.

This stone protects and gives inner strength. This one is perfect for people who feel vulnerable to psychic or energy attack. The crystal helps break ties with those who wish you bad, or their negative energy is affecting you somehow.

During meditation, place a mahogany obsidian on the body between the first and third chakras. It will cleanse you from old unconscious memories of shame, humiliation, abuse, and negative feelings, especially when you feel unworthy to be happy, loved, affluent, or spiritually uplifted. Of course, you deserve all this and more. But, first, you have to accept the gifts the universe has sent you.

This crystal will free you from all the inner limitations that prevent you from flourishing and living the life you desire. It will remove doubts and inner criticism that keeps you from making different, more daring decisions and going towards your dreams. When you attempt to cross all inner boundaries - you will no longer have the impossible. You have to believe in yourself and trust the universe.

Mahogany obsidian will unleash your creativity, sexuality and passion for life. You will be able to feel and express yourself fully. Your emotions will be activated, which will affect a different view and perception of the world.

This type of obsidian strengthens organs and tissues. In addition, the stone supports detoxification by activating liver and kidney function, enhancing the body's ability to excrete toxins. From ancient times, the crystal has been used to relieve various pains.

Crystal: Obsidian. 
Country of origin: Mexico. 
Chemical composition: 70–75% SiO2 plus MgO, Fe3O4
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5 - 6. 

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