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Amethyst keychain – Window

Amethyst keychain – Window

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Amethyst Half Polished Window Keychain - Unlock the Power of Tranquility

Presenting our Amethyst Half Polished Window Keychain, an elegant blend of natural beauty and spiritual significance. Featuring its signature violet hue and a unique half-polished design, the Amethyst Window keychain is a cherished gemstone connected with calmness, balance, and intuitive understanding.

About Amethyst:

Regarded as the Stone of Spiritual Growth and Protection, Amethyst is often used to promote inner peace and harmony. It's associated with the crown chakra, helping to balance the mind and calm the emotions.


  • Shape and Design: This unique keychain presents an interesting half-polished design with a "window" revealing the natural crystalline structure of the Amethyst.
  • Color and Texture: It exhibits the iconic violet color of Amethyst, a color associated with tranquility and spiritual insight.
  • Healing Properties: Promotes calmness, balance, and a deeper understanding of one's self.

Why Choose an Amethyst Half Polished Window Keychain?

  • For Tranquility: Embrace the soothing energies of Amethyst in your daily life.
  • For Balance: Enhance emotional and spiritual equilibrium.
  • For Unique Design: The half-polished window design allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of Amethyst from a unique perspective.

Perfect For:

  • Peace Seekers: Ideal for those seeking tranquility and spiritual growth.
  • Gifts: A thoughtful gift that communicates a message of peace and balance.
  • Accessorizing: A beautiful way to add a touch of natural elegance to your keys or bag.


The Amethyst Half Polished Window Keychain is more than just an accessory; it's a token of tranquility, balance, and self-understanding.

Please note: As Amethyst is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Unleash the tranquil and balancing energies of our Amethyst Keychain in your life. Let it remind you of your potential for inner peace and spiritual growth every day.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Amethyst properties

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