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White onyx

White onyx

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White onyx is classified as a representative of the chalcedony class. Due to its unique surface, which almost does not crystallize, the mineral is used more than for all known healing purposes. It has been common in the production of sculptures since ancient times. Well, these days, it is used for various home surfaces.

White onyx will bring light into your life. It will cleanse negative thoughts, thus opening the door to positivity. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, the stone will help you free yourself from the grip of these severe illnesses. All you need is to trust this fantastic tool created by nature.

The crystal will strengthen the motivation that will push you towards self-confidence. You will find it easier to control your thoughts and actions. All of these will undoubtedly lead you towards emotional health.

White onyx will help you get to know yourself better. During an emotional breakdown, it will be easier for you to understand your state and withdraw from stimuli. In this way, you will calm down easier and faster. You will be in complete control of yourself and your life. The opinion or feelings of others will not affect you in any way because there can only be one master of the situation - you.

The crystal strengthens the life force. If you feel tired or work in jobs requiring physical endurance, the mineral will help you stay active and productive. Many athletes and their coaches wear these stone accessories to remain energized.

Chemical formula SiO2
Moh's hardness 7
Country of origin Iran

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