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Vanadinite is an eye-catching, clear, red crystal. It is most commonly found in the shape of a short hexagonal prism in the United States, Mexico, Morocco, and South Africa. It is an appetite class mineral that contains vanadium, oxygen, lead, chlorine. Due to the toxic metals it has, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly after holding the crystal and not to put it in your mouth.

It is a crystal with a solid connection to the earth and the element of fire. It heals and stimulates the second and third chakras. It will give your physical body strength and activity. Therefore, it is beneficial to have vanadium for people who do physical work or devote more time and effort to their work than normal. It will help you achieve your goals by encouraging you to create order and mode in your life.

It is also a stone that restores creative potential. It is said to be of particular help to writers to not run out of ideas and. Keep vanadinite close to you so that it stimulates, inspires and gives you confidence.

One of the strongest properties of this mineral is that it helps those who do not feel happy in their body. It will ground and concentrate the soul in earthly existence. Have vanadinite next to you during the meditation and thank your body for all the experiences you have gained through it. Feel grateful to do your daily chores and engage in those activities that make you happy. Your soul has come into this world to gain experience through the physical body, so love it and accept it as it is.

The crystal will help solve many health problems. It supports the body's chemical reactions, which affect the absorption of nutrients and iron, and the release of hormones. It has been mainly observed that the crystal enhances sexual energy. It stimulates the release of sex hormones. In addition, vanadinite helps those with respiratory and bladder problems and protects the body from radiation.

Approximate weight: 90g. 
Approximate size: 3,6x3x2,4cm.

Chemical composition: Pb5 (VO4) 3Cl
Mohs hardness: 3-4
Country of origin: Mexico

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