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Unakite bracelet – Gem

Unakite bracelet – Gem

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The Unakite Gem Bracelet is an eye-catching piece of jewelry that brings together the distinctive hues and powerful metaphysical properties of unakite. In this design, the beautiful unakite stones are cut and polished into gem-quality beads, enhancing their inherent warmth and radiance.

Unakite, with its fusion of pink orthoclase and green epidote, is a stone of balance. It brings together the invigorating energy of the heart and the calming energy of the base chakra, helping to harmonize the body's energy flow. This stone is known for its ability to encourage spiritual and emotional growth, release emotional blockages, and help one stay present in the moment.

This bracelet doesn't only serve as a stunning accessory; it's also a tool for wellbeing. The gem quality of the unakite beads increases the stone's energy and effectiveness, making the bracelet more potent in its metaphysical properties. Wear it during meditation or in daily life to benefit from unakite's grounding energy, emotional healing capabilities, and its ability to inspire personal growth.

This Unakite Gem Bracelet is a thoughtful gift for anyone on a spiritual journey or for someone who loves the unique blend of colors in unakite. It's a daily accessory that carries a deeper meaning and purpose, making it more than just a bracelet.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Unakite properties

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