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Unakite bracelet – 8mm

Unakite bracelet – 8mm

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Invite harmony and balance into your life with our 8mm Unakite Bracelet. Unakite, with its unique blend of pink and green hues, embodies a fusion of emotions and spirituality. Each bead in this bracelet carries the energy of balance and alignment, reflecting the rich, earthy colors that infuse your aura with calming vibrations.

This piece features 8mm Unakite beads strung on a durable, elastic cord that adjusts to the perfect fit for most wrist sizes. The slightly larger bead size provides a more pronounced appearance and feel, making it a stand-out accessory for any outfit.

Unakite's energies are nurturing and gentle, promoting emotional recovery and encouraging the release of energies that have become trapped. It brings the unconscious mind to consciousness, rebalancing the body and bringing a calming, gentle energy. It is particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from prolonged illness or emotional upheaval.

Wear this 8mm Unakite Bracelet to embrace its nurturing energies. Its inherent calm vibrations will assist in self-love and self-care, while fostering patience and resilience during challenging times. This bracelet is not just an elegant piece of jewelry, it is a powerful tool that promotes emotional balance and recovery, serving as a constant reminder of your resilience and capacity to overcome any obstacle in your path.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Unakite properties

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