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Turquoise pendant – Unique L

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Turquoise is considered the gold of heaven, used in primitive cultures to attract protection, wisdom, strength, and success. This beautiful blue-green mineral was a symbol of kings, soldiers and shamans. The crystal was already used about 5,000 years before Christ to decorate nobles' tombs and make various talismans. Because of its ability to change colour, turquoise has been used in various rituals, ceremonies, and the vision of future visions. By putting stone ornaments on the body, native Americans believed that the god would manifest physically through them.

And indeed, it is the crystal that connects heaven to earth. If you place a stone on the throat chakra, its energy will release the voice of your soul so that it can fully express itself. By putting it on the third eye - it will help you unite with the angels who will guide you on the path of spirituality. It is a stone that gives fullness and truth. Encouraging creativity will help you look at the world around you with other eyes and see your position in it.

The crystal will unite spiritual and physical bodies. By purifying and centralizing both energies, it will ensure that these interact harmoniously with each other. The stone will encourage you to find love, understanding, and goodness in yourself by spreading your wisdom. By giving it all to the world, you get the same and more in return.

In difficult situations, keep near you even a tiny piece of turquoise. It will help you focus on your heart and feel at peace. It is a stone that stabilizes powerful emotions and carries peace. It is believed to help during the hysteria, as well as for people experiencing bullying. By teaching to see oneself as a common part of society, the crystal will help selfish people to look more at others and their feelings.

By protecting the body from pollution and various manifestations of stress, turquoise will ensure your well-being. It supports the functions of the brain, ears, eyes, neck and throat. It also protects and improves lung function.

Approximate weight: 13g. 
Approximate size: 2,7x4,3x0,5 cm.

Crystal: Turquoise. 
Country of origin: China. 
Chemical composition: CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5 - 6. 

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