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Tourmaline schorl bracelet – 6mm

Tourmaline schorl bracelet – 6mm

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The Schorl Tourmaline 6mm Bracelet is a striking piece featuring the protective and grounding energies of black tourmaline, known as schorl. This powerful stone is well-regarded in metaphysical circles for its ability to dispel negative energies and protect the wearer from harmful environmental influences.

Each bead in the bracelet measures approximately 6mm in diameter, perfectly sized to provide a substantial feel without being overly heavy. The beads are strung on a flexible and durable cord, designed to fit any wrist size comfortably.

Schorl, the most common variety of tourmaline, carries a strong energy for protection. It is a fantastic stone to wear or carry if you feel the weight of negative energies or are frequently around energy vampires, as it can shield you and keep you balanced. It also aids in grounding and creating a connection between the human spirit and Earth, making it extremely beneficial for those seeking tranquility and calmness in their daily life.

Besides its metaphysical properties, the Schorl Tourmaline 6mm Bracelet stands out for its aesthetic appeal. The black beads have a deep, lustrous shine that pairs well with any outfit, making it not only a spiritual tool but also a fashionable accessory.

In essence, this Schorl Tourmaline 6mm Bracelet is a blend of elegance, strength, and protection, a perfect addition to any crystal collection or a thoughtful gift for those who could use a bit of grounding and protection in their lives.

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